Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 5.3: Our Last Adventures on The Road to Hana

Another waterfall 
Jim and Hunty catching fishies


We stopped at this little stand for a fresh pineapple

Tralee enjoying some pineapple

Coconut anyone?

We stopped at this little hippy-run shopping area on the drive.  There were some little shops (they were just tarps/tents set up in the dirt with merchandise inside), some food trucks, and lots of homemade coconut items.  We sampled some homemade coconut candy from an old hippy dude, the kids chased some chickens, we looked at jewelry, and went on our merry way.


More waterfalls

Okay, so the last part of our drive was WAY adventurous . . . at least for me!!!  The one-way-road wound around mountainous cliffs with a free-fall into the ocean on the other side!!  I snapped a few pics to try and give you an idea of what it looked like from our end.  This part of the trip was beautiful and scary (for me)!

Check out that curve!  There's no way to see what's coming from the other direction, although Jim assured me that everyone is supposed to travel in the same direction on this road.  But what if there was some crazy tourist who didn't know the rules, and decided to zoom down this road in the wrong direction?  Boom. . .we're all dead!  At least our final moments would have been in Hawaii!

See that car in front of us?  If they were being dumb and texting while driving they would have missed a curve, and tumbled down that hill right into the ocean!  I'm glad they weren't dumb.

One more image of the road we traveled.  Amazing!

The whole day took us about 12 hours, and we only used a quarter tank of gas!  Awesome!  I never want to forget this road trip.  It was a perfect day spent with my loves! 

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