Friday, March 16, 2012

Hawaii at a Glance

We're back!!  Hawaii was everything everyone said it would be.  It was all I hoped it would be.  It met every expectation, and yes, now I want to sell everything we own and move there.  That's probably not going to happen anytime soon, so I'm glad we have over 1500 pictures to remember our vacation by.  1500 is A LOT of pics.  It's going to take a LOOOOONG time to post what I want to post so I can remember what I want to remember about this trip, but I know there are peeps chomping at the bit to see some photos of our amazing Hawaiian vacay.  So. . . here is a little taste of our Maui vacation --   Hawaii at a glance, if you will.
Tralee at the Maui Ocean Center

Hunty at our favorite beach in Maui.  That's the face he does when I tell him to smile.  Love that boy.

Tralee riding in a wave
Jim and Hunter showing one of the many sand castles built during our stay

My little model by the Koi pond at our hotel.  She named her favorite Koi fish Goldie.  It was smaller than the rest with pretty swishy fins.  We stopped everytime we passed the Koi pond to look for Goldie and watch all the Koi fish swim around.

We drove by this surfboard fence several times during our trip

A little kiss by the waves

Bamboo forest (we hiked through this by the by).

Jim and one of the MANY waterfalls we stopped to marvel at (and swim in) during our road to Hana adventure

Hunty by a waterfall

The kids and me during our road to Hana day

Another waterfall

Yes. . . many waterfalls were seen

I LOVE SEA TURTLES!!  We saw several while snorkeling, body surfing, and while walking along a certain beach we always stopped at to watch the surfers.

We also had some surprise visitors!!  Adrienne and her girls showed up to hang out with us the last few days of our vacation.  It was SUPER fun to have them along!  My kids adored their cousins!

Jim and Tandra walking back from a good snorkel session
Lots (and lots and lots and lots) of body surfing was done by all

Tralee went down this slide about, "one-hundred-forty-fifty-sixty-twenty times."  That's a direct estimation from Stinks!

This was Hunter's favorite hang-out during our vacation.  He wasn't a fan of the ocean, but he couldn't get enough of this kiddie pool.

Ade, Cassi, and Tandra on our way out for the night

My cute lil' family

The only thing Tralee requested to do since she found out we were going to Hawaii was to see some Hula girls.  Oh BOY was she excited (and a little cute and shy) when we finally made her wish come true!!  I teared up I was so excited for her!!  

Jim learning to surf.  Not bad for a first-timer!

Jim loved to snorkel

Our last sunset in Hawaii as seen from our resort.

I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed to have had this opportunity.  I really do hope my little family and I can find a way back someday.

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Mary Ann Carlile said...

This looks like pure heaven! I am so glad it was everything you wanted it to be - you guys needed a break and vacay as a family! It all looks SO fun. Can't wait to see more!