Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 6: Turtles and Surprise

Day six was a Monday.  We woke up, went to the beach, hung out, ran some errands, and then we surprised Jim with a few visitors at the airport!  Jim's sister, Adrienne and her two daughters showed up in Maui!  It was so fun having them there!  Tandra and Cassi were so helpful with Tralee and Hunter, and we all had the best time together.  I kept telling Tralee that Tandra and Cassi were her cousins, but she kept asking, "Where are my sisters?"  

After the big surprise went down at the airport, we took our new vacation buddies to Hookipa beach to watch the surfers.  We also saw a family of four sea turtles resting on the beach, and took Ade and her girls on a hike to one of the Road to Hana waterfalls.  
Can you find all the turtles?  They kind of blend into the rocks.

I love sea turtles! 

Our Hawaiian surprise!

After our hike we ran a few more errands, then went back to the hotel with our new vacation-mates.  The rest of the evening was spent relaxing, visiting, and gearing up for our next day in paradise!

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