Friday, April 6, 2012

You Should Get That!

I was feeling pretty great after a hard workout the other day.  I stepped out of the shower, threw on some comfy clothes, and laid next to Tralee on my bed for a minute.  She had followed me around that morning, watched me work out, watched me strip-down and shower, and waited on my bed for me as I got ready.  While we were laying down together Tralee turned to me and said, "Mom, remember that commercial we heard on the radio when that guy said, 'Do you have stubborn belly fat?  If you do, you should try this!'  Well Mom, maybe you should get that stuff."

Sometimes children really are too honest.

Her comment also reminded me that Tralee's little ears hear EVERYTHING!  I need to make sure what she listens to is for the positive.  That's not to say I didn't laugh for a good minute after her little comment. When my giggles subsided, I informed Stinks that all Mommy has to do to be in and stay in shape is eat healthy foods and stay active. That seemed reasonable to her.  It seemed reasonable to me too.


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