Monday, April 9, 2012


Every Easter Sunday, for the last three years, has been spent with the other Jacobs family that lives in the area.  We get together, eat a yummy meal, set up an Easter egg hunt for the wee ones, and then let them dye hard boiled eggs.  This year was no different, and as always, we had a lot of fun!  Here are some pictures from Easter 2012:
I curled Tralee's hair for the special event

Tralee and Hunty getting ready to hunt some eggs.  Hunty's expression is the one he pulls when I tell him to smile for a picture.  See the little dimple on his upper left (your right) cheek.  I love it!

Tralee, Hunter, Anson, Jovie, and Oakley getting ready to search for the eggs

The whole Jacobs gang

Hunter hunting

I can't believe how big she's getting!  Slow down my child!

Isn't she pretty?  She's also smart and kind and sensitive and clever!

Here's my husband doing what he does best: Acting like the big kid that he is!

Hunty was a grump during a lot of our events.  He went to bed too late the night before (my fault) and woke up way too early (I blame the Easter Bunny for that one).  I knew as soon as he woke up that he would be a little bear later on.  I was right.  In the picture above he freaked out because he saw some eggs across the yard he wanted.  Before he could get to them another child picked them up.  He flopped down in the grass and cried like it was the end of the world.  Don't worry though. . .  a few minutes later he was in fine spirits again.  Just check out the pic below for proof.
Hunty showing me all the eggs he found

Oakley eating some jelly beans

Joves was so cute.  I saw her re-hide some of the eggs she found and then run over to Tralee and point them out.  What a little sweetheart!

A mouth full of sugar

Counting out their loot

This is how Hunty wanted to do things

Easter egg decorating time!

Cute little Oaks made the best egg!  It was so colorful!

Trying to get two eggs in one cup!

Most of the kids didn't bother with the spoons.  Who needs spoons when you have two perfectly good hands to dye eggs with?

All our artists

We put them in some of Jim's old shirts so their nice Easter clothes wouldn't get stained

Cute baby Anson.  Maybe next year he'll be able to join in the festivities!  This year he did a pretty good job being his cute lil' self!
All of the kids' hands looked like this.  In fact, my kids' hands are still slightly dyed.
I liked Oaks' technique for egg dying.  They turned out very cool!  I don't think her hands were all that messy either.

As always we had a lovely time with our friends.  I can't wait for next year to do it all again!

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