Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Eve

We just had a wonderful Easter weekend together.  On Easter Eve we went to our church for breakfast and an Easter egg hunt.

When we came home I talked with the kids about what Easter is really all about.  We watched some nice youtube videos about the life and resurrection of Christ and read a few scriptures.

Later in the day, we made our way over to Jim's Aunt's house.  She hosted a BBQ and Easter Egg hunt get together.  The kiddos played with cousins, the boys and men played basketball, and I visited with other moms.  We all ate yummy food, and it was an all around nice event.

Later on that night I told the kids I ran into a man while I was grocery shopping who gave me some magic beans (jelly beans), and that if we planted them in the magic Easter grass he gave me, and said the magic works, the next morning the beans would grow into a surprise.

The magic words were, "Easter is for everyone to celebrate the re-birth of God's son."

You'll never guess what grew in the place of the magic beans!  Butterfly suckers!  AMAZING!

Tralee ran into our room bright and early Easter morning and announced, "I want to see what happened to the beans!"

Here's a little video from Easter Eve.  It's less than a minute long.  Just some pics I took with my phone. You'll also be able to see what the magic beans grew:

More Easter fun to come!

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