Friday, April 27, 2012

Sail Boat Races

We had really warm weather the beginning of this week.  On one of the nicer days the kids and I made a little tin-foil sail boat regatta station.  We found the idea in Family Fun magazine.  The sail boats were made from jar lids.  A piece of clay was placed in the middle of the lids so the toothpicks dressed with paper sails could be pushed in.

After our boats were ready to sail, we took out the tinfoil and made a little race track for them to sail on.  Family Fun didn't use cardboard on the bottom of their track, but they did recommend using the heavy duty tin foil.  Ours was a little flimsy, so we used cardboard to make the foundation a little stronger.  We also placed rocks on the foil, otherwise the wind did a number to our stream!

Once everything was set in place, we turned the hose on to just a bit stronger than barely-on and let the regatta begin!  The end of the stream dripped into a thirstier patch of our lawn, which made the grass blades quite happy I think!

At the races

Hunty and his boat

Tralee with just the sail of her boat.  The kids kept pulling out their sails and repositioning them throughout the regatta.

Hunter's sail boat floating down the tin-foil  channel.
Our home-made regatta was a fun little activity to keep the kiddos occupied for a bit.

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Mary Ann Carlile said...

You are such a creative mom. I think I'm gonna stop looking at your blog. (Haha! Just kidding!)