Friday, January 21, 2011

Missy Missy's Birthday Party!!!

Jim's going to be out-of-town for Tralee's actual birthday, so we wanted to have a fun day for our little Stinks before Jim left town. We made a plan, and then called up all of Tralee's friends (okay, their parents) and invited them to join us for Tralee's birthday party.

The plan was we would go eat pizza first, and then go to Jump Time (a place full of trampolines and inflatables). Everyone had a B.L.A.S.T. Most importantly, we celebrated Stinky Tralinky's 4th birthday. She felt loved, and I couldn't believe I have an (almost) four-year-old! CRAZINESS!!!

We started the festivities by hanging Tralee's Birthday Banner, tying a balloon to her chair, decorating her cupcakes, and making the party gift bags. I found some fabric is my stash for the bags, ribbon for the handles, and started sewing. The boys' gift bags had a hero theme for the goodies, and little men on the front. The girls' bags had a princess theme for the goodies, and little women on the front. The bags were really fun to put together. I used my Silhouette cutter and iron-on transfer paper to put the little men and women on the front.
Tuesday morning came around, and all of us got spiffied up and ready for T's party. I made Jim and Hunter these t-shirts for Christmas. Jim's says, "Hosehead" on the front. Hunter's says, "I'm with Hosehead." It was more of a joke than anything else, but Jim loves them. Hunter's is a little too big, so we decided to take it off him. He FREAKED and kept pointing to it and saying, "On! On! On!" We think we made such a fuss about him matching his daddy, that he was sad when he didn't anymore, so we put the shirt back on and Hunter was as happy as a clam. He actually looked pretty cute in his way-too-big shirt.
Tralee picked out her outfit, (fake) pearls and everything! I think she did a pretty great job!
We ate at Idaho Pizza, and they treated us SO well. They got all the kids balloons, sang "Happy Birthday" to Tralee, and gave her a little gift, as well as a gift certificate for free pizza. We sure appreciated it, and recommend this place for all your pizza needs when you're in Idaho!
Here's Stinks right before blowing out her candle. She wouldn't let us get it lit before she blew out the flame. We tried to light her candle half a dozen times, but she blew out the flame every time. In the end it was just a big game, one of which had me laughing.

Another group shot.
I think Tralee liked her birthday cupcakes, what do you think?
After we were done eating, we made our way over to Jump Time. Everyone had so much fun!

Look at Hunter's face in the picture below. He was coming down from a bounce, and gravity had its way with him. Look at his face!! Makes me laugh.

My kids started melting down towards the end. They had had too much fun for one day. At one point Hunter climbed the inflatable slide and slid down the whole while crying. It was kind of funny, so you know, I took a picture. When he got to the end of the slide he just fell over and didn't move for a few minutes. It was SOOOO past his nap time.

Shortly after Hunter's slide meltdown, we decided it was time to get the kids home. We thanked all of our guests for coming, and made our way home. I think all of us took a nap that afternoon. It felt so good! After a few hours, we all woke up, ate dinner, and then Tralee opened her gifts from us (pictures of that soon to come).

It was a PERFECT day!

Happy 4th Missy Missy!


Boom said...

Excellent Post - Love it!

Happy Days!


Cammi said...

HAPPY early BIRTHDAY TRALEE!!!!! I'm so glad she had so much fun! My favorite thing is Tralee's birthday outfit, I think she picked out the perfect outfit. Looks like so much fun!! Love you all!