Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Blog Hors D'oevres

Here are a few morsels about our comings and goings.

- Tralee has been in Primary for two weeks now. I teach in Junior Primary so I get the privilege of watching my little Sunbeam during Sharing Time. Oh how fun it is! The first week she was a little apprehensive and kept turning to me across the room saying, "I want to come sit by you mom!" Oh how I wanted to open up my arms and say, "Come here!" But, I restrained myself. I answered back by telling her to stay by her teacher, then blew her a little kiss so she knew I still loved her. The second week in Sunbeams went much better. Tralee does so well following directions. She does everything the leaders ask, and even sings along to songs -- whether she knows them or not. There was one point yesterday that Tralee slipped into her own world for a second. She jumped up, started twirling around, and flapping her arms like a bird. I tried to get her attention and tell her to sit back down, but another teacher got her back on track before I could. Tralee seemed a little embarrassed, but payed attention again and seemed perfectly happy after a few seconds of returning to reality.

- Hunter is a little talking wizard. He repeats everything you tell him. He answers questions, and even sings songs now. His favorite songs are the clean up song, and the rainbow song. Not bad for a 20 months! Some of my favorite conversations with Hunter go a little something like this:

Hunter: In a corner, under the table, or behind some furniture grunting
Mom: Hunter, are you pooping?
Hunter: Yeah Mama, I poopin'
Mom: Giggles and smiles

Hunter: Farts I farted Mama.
Mom: Starts to laugh

Mom: Hunter, are you hungry?
Hunter: Yeah, I hungy.
Mom: What do you want?
Hunter Quwalkwet. (also known as Chocolate) or he might say, "Cackes and mik" (also known as graham crackers and milk)

- As you can tell from the above, my kids have started calling me Mama, and I love it. Not sure when or how this came about. I think Tralee started it first, and Hunter followed suit. Hunter says it after almost everything he tells me. Melts my heart every time to hear that little voice say "mama".

- Hunter has been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now, and going down for naps without a fight for a week. It's heaven!! HEAVEN!!!!!!! Now, if I can potty train him in a few months I won't know what to do with myself!

- Tralee started writing actual letters and numbers. She's really good at 0, 1, and 3. She also knows how to spell "cot" and "cat" although the letters sometimes get mixed up. Other favorite letters she writes are, "a, h, and i." She loves to trace all the letters and her name, but so far no luck on spelling out her own name be herself. Maybe by her fourth b-day, which is coming up!

- Jim got me a freezer for the garage. Now I need to clean out the garage so we can put it in place. That's going to be a huge chore. I wish my mom were here to help. Plus, it's cold outside right now and I hate being cold. It's just not a job I'm looking forward to. However, I am looking forward to filling our new freezer with items.

I could probably think of more things to fill you in on, but Tralee has been asking me to read her a story for a few minutes now. So off I go.

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Audie said...

I wonder if they got the "mama" thing from my girls. They've been calling me that for a while and it melts my heart every time!!