Thursday, January 13, 2011


The kids and I went to cheer on our number one basketball star tonight. Tralee cheered her little heart out. Hunter just wanted to get on the court and play. He was ticked right off every time I blocked his way onto the court. After the game Jim took Hunter to go shoot some hoops. Check out the vids of our wild and crazy basketball night.

Jim played awesome, as usual. He was the high scorer on his team, but even with his star-power and Tralee's awesome cheers, his team lost with the final score of 58-51. It was a close game just not in our favor. Maybe next time the basketball gods will be smiling down on Jim's team for a win. Either way, we're proud of our daddy.

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Cammi said...

Those videos are too cute! Tralee is the best little Cheerleader and I'm sure Hunter will be a basketball pro in no time! :) And good job Jim for scoring all the points!