Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cabinets and Dream Big Question

Jim recently finished a cabinet job for some rich guy's garage. Here's the finished project. I'm grateful Jim got the bid, and was able to build this kitchen but I have one question: Who would put a kitchen in a garage? I guess some guy who has a 15+ car garage filled with such things as Ferraris, Dodge Viper Convertibles, half a dozen Harleys, and too many more "toys" to count. Maybe the rich guy was planning ahead, and knew he would get hungry while tinkering with his toys, so to save himself some time from walking to his massive house, he would just put a full kitchen in his garage.

I wonder what I would do if I had so much money I didn't know what to do with it? Probably no garage kitchens, but who knows!
What would you do if you were overflowing with wealth? If you want to play, don't leave a comment like, "I would invest it wisely." I'm talking about after all your debt is paid, you've invested in everything you could possibly imagine, you have a dream house, you've donated to a million charities, helped out all your family and friends, blah blah blah, and STILL you have butt-loads of cash laying around, what would you do with THAT?
I would travel with my family, of course. But the CRAZY thing I would do would be build a super fun play area/house on our property. I'm talking wall-to-wall trampolines, slides that twirl you down forever and go outside the building, the coolest swing set play area EVER complete with a zip line, a foam pit, there would have to be a basketball court and hockey rink for Jim, rope swings, mini golf, laser tag, trapeze area, you get the idea! We would spend hours jumping, playing, running, and laughing together. I bet I'd get my figure back REALLY quick too. :)
So. . .what would you do?


Necha said...

Honestly...I would buy property out in the middle of no where, and make it completly self sufficient, down to a milk giving cow. There would be a garden, chickens for eggs and the meat, solor power, and however you get water without power...I'd have that too. Everything would be totally natural, and basically I would want to be able to live there forever and never had to leave if I didn't want to. I am not a hippie or a tree me I'd kill some trees to build this thing. I would just want to never have to worry about anything ever again if I didn't want to. :)

The Kelly Variety said...

This took some thought. . .at first I wanted:
* Two of those dishwashers that take 3 min. to clean the dishes.
* Two stack-able washers and dryers (Super Duper Mega Capacity)
* A central vacuum that will sweep up your pile. (Like Dave and Becky have)

Then I thought. . .I guess I just need a house keeper. With one of those I could get a bigger house like Necha's. We could even be neighbors and I'll borrow an egg now and then when my chickens just don't feel like laying eggs. (Lazy Chickens. . .or something/one.)

Leslie said...

Kelly, you're funny! I'll have to build my dream house close to you guys so I can get in on some of your milk, egg, and water action. I'll be too busy playing in my frivolous play area to even think of being self-sufficient. :)

Hannah S said...

Travel for sure. Get a housekeeper and nanny. And give money to my family so we they can travel with us.