Monday, January 10, 2011

More Morsels

Tralee is now in the stage where she dresses herself. Not only that, but she changes outfits AT LEAST four of five times a day. Not only THAT but she calls her outfits her costumes. I usually hear her say, "Oh! I need to go put on a new costume" several times a day. The world is a stage for this little being.
Check out her ensemble today:
I went to do a little couponing today. I got some GOOD deals, and added bonus; the kids were SUPER well behaved! What luck!

When we were in line the kids each grabbed a sucker at the little sucker stand thing. I told them each to put them back. Tralee said, "Oh! Bummer city!" Then Hunter tuned in and kept grabbing a sucker, then putting it back while shouting, "BUMMER CITY!" Luckily it was really cute, and everyone around us was laughing. Even me. Anywho. . .back to my deals:
All of this without coupons would have been $130.90.
I got it all for $25.74 plus I still have $3.00 in register rewards to spend.
That's a total savings of $105.15 without the $3 RR or $108.15 if you include the RR.
I saved about 80%. Not too shabby.
My favorite score of the day were the two Rembrant 2-hour whitening kits. Originally $23.99 each. I got them each for $4.99 with coupons and deals.
Jim doesn't really care about all the details of my couponing. Just as much as I don't really care about all the details of his golf game. So, sorry if you think my couponing is boring, I just want to share it with someone since my hubby's eyes glaze over when he hears me mention the word coupon.
Something Jim and I both care about is finding good deals on furniture and fixing it up ourselves. We got this entertainment center from craigslist last year. I'm kinda sad I never took a before picture. It had a natural wood finish and some 80's glass doors that were falling apart. We removed the doors, sanded it, added some crown molding, painted it black, distressed it, and now Jim just finished the new doors for it. I LOVE the finished product. The whole project cost us around $90, that's including the price of the entertainment center. I still need to find knobs I like for it. I'll probably just wait for Jim to get a good deal on some, or until he has some left over from a cabinet job. Oh. . . and do you like our old school tv? We're not really electronic-y type people around here. We even still pull out VHS tapes from time to time. Maybe someday we'll get a fancy flat tv. Like, when this one breaks. :)

Lastly, today while we were driving around Tralee said to me, "Mom, I don't want to be a Sunbeam anymore. I want to be an elephant. Can you tell Jesus for me?" Will do! :)
So. . .there you go. More info on our uber exciting life that's just dripping with juicy details. I bet you can hardly wait for the next blog entry. :)


Boom said...

I love it when you blog. Tralee is quite the dresser upper! Wow! I can't wait to see you all. How can we plan a get together?

Joni said...

Umm I love Tralee. Every last thing about her, I love. And that entertainment center is AWESOME! Nice work.