Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DON'T Look at this post if blood grosses you out!!!!!

Here's my wound from cutting my finger on a broken piece of glass. I took this pic the day after it happened.
I'm quite proud of it -- thus taking a picture and putting it on this here blog.
It was the best wound I've had in a while (pitiful, I know). I should have taken a picture of my room right after it happened, blood everywhere!
I kind of like looking at wounds and crime scene photos (ok, I've only actually seen fake crime scene photos from various crime shows). I always thought it would be interesting to be a detective of some sort. Again, this is coming from someone who's only detective knowledge comes from the likes of watching The Closer. I think if I REALLY had to deal with looking at horrific scenes I wouldn't love it so much. So, I'll keep getting my kicks from Kyra Sedgwick, and when I do something stupid, like cut my finger on a broken piece of glass.

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