Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tralee's Letter to Santa and other Christmas-y Things

A few nights ago I sat down with Tralee and asked her if she would like to write Santa a letter. This is currently the extent of Tralee's letter writing capabilities if asked to do it all by herself:

So, I offered my secretarial services and asked her to dictate to me what she would like to say to our laugh-his-belly-like-a-bowl-full-of-jelly gift giver. The following is what Tralee asked me to write. I only helped a little to get her started. 97% of the letter is all Tralee, 3% is me helping her along.

Dear Santa,

How are you? My name is Tralee. I'm three. Santa, thank you for giving us presents. I measured for you. I want a baby that goes like this (jumping). I would like Hungry Hippos. I also would like a talking doll. I need an alligator, hungry and it eats some food. I want two pillow pets and some dancing shoes. Thank you.


Tralee Marie Jacobs

I'm pretty sure Santa knows what most of this stuff is, and if Tralee continues to be a good girl she'll get most of it. When I checked with the cookie-and-milk-loving-papa-elf he was scratching his head a bit at the alligator request. We're also not sure what Tralee measured for him. Perhaps the width of our heat vents, since we have no chimney for him to come down in. St. Nick was also touched that the first thing Tralee said was, "thank you." Such a sweetie!

A sometimes very ODD girl, as you can tell by these pictures she took of herself on our computer, but a sweetie none-the-less.
As for Hunter, when I checked with Santa, he had some good ideas for our little guy. Can't wait!

In other Christmas news. We've been reading from a book my Grandma gave us when we were first married. There's a scripture, story, and song for each day leading up to Christmas. We've never done it before, and I really hope we start reading from this book every year, cause it's quite exceptional. The kids don't really get all of it, but it does bring the spirit of Christmas into our home.

I'm really enjoying this holiday season. It's the first Christmas in two years that we're not moving. We actually put up a tree (a REAL one that smells HEAVENLY), lights, and other decor that were all but forgotten the last few years. It's a wonderful thing, this time of year! I lurve it! Hope everyone else is enjoying it as much as our little family.


Boom said...

My children and grandchildren make it enjoyable for me! Thank you!

Cammi said...

I love everything about Tralee's Santa letter... what a silly girl. I like that she was jumping to show you exactly how she wanted it. haha.. I hope she has the best Christmas!

kimmalee said...

Such a cute little letter. What a funny little girl you have. Amazing that she said thank you first. Well done.