Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

Two nights before Christmas Audie, myself, and all of our kiddos went to the Idaho Botanical Gardens to see their display of Christmas lights. The husbands were still in Oregon working, so this was our last hooray as single moms before Christmas. Despite the chilly weather, we had a blast.Hunter was fine as long as we kept walking. He didn't like it when we stopped. The only time he behaved when we were standing still was when we were in the tent that was handing out hot chocolate and cookies. He was fine just sitting there with a cookie in his mouth and hot cocoa to sip on.
The picture below looks like the girls are singing Christmas carols. They're not, but let's just pretend they are. It looks cuter that way.
More lights.
You may or may not believe this, but one of Santa's reindeer was there! The kids got to pet him! I think it was Prancer. It could have been Dancer. . . I forget.
Jovie, Audie, and Oaks pictured below.

Next picture is Hunter, Oakley, Tralee, me, and Jovie. See that white spot in the corner? That's Audie's glove. So, I guess we're ALL in this picture.

We had a great night, but Tralee was SOOOOOO overtired she fell asleep in two seconds when we were driving home.

Next up? CHRISTMAS!!!!!

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