Sunday, December 5, 2010

For the Birds

On our drive home from the SLC airport a month ago, we stayed overnight in Logan to catch a few winks before returning home. On our pit stop, we visited first dam to feed the ducks and geese. Holy cannoli were these fowls aggressive!! Luckily, none of them were mean-spirited, just VERY VERY aggressive! It kind of felt like we were in the movie The Birds, only the birds were ducks and geese, and instead of pecking you to death, they just trampled all over you to get more food. I finally told Tralee to sit on the table and toss them crackers, so she could gage the feeding situation a little better without having her shirt/pants/hands/shoes nibbled upon by the greedy geese. Even with the overwhelming amount of feathered friends surrounding us, we still had a blast. Tralee didn't want to leave.

I promised her we'd come back, and I'm sure we will. . . one day.

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