Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Apologies

Dear Man in Blue Jacket at Walgreens,

I'm so very sorry my daughter kept pointing at you while saying, "Mom look! There's an old man!" I know the fact that my face turned bright red as I muffled to you, "I'm sorry" was enough for you to know that I was mortified by my daughter's actions. I also know the fact that she began to sing a made-up song about an old man while we continued our shopping x-ed out my red-faced apology. Thank you for graciously saying, "Well, she's got that right, I AM an old man" instead of giving us the evil-eye. Just to inform you, I explained to my daughter on the way home about how it isn't always polite to call those in your generation "old" . . . at least to their faces. If we ever meet again, I hope it's in less awkward circumstances.

Best to you and yours,

Mother of the Three-Year-Old who Repeatedly Pointed at You While Calling You Old


Dear Woman in a Scooter in Line in Front of Us at Winco,

I'm very sorry my daughter pointed at your hair and said, "look Mom, she has bird brain hair." I know the fact that she said to you, "I like your bird brain hair" didn't make it any less embarrassing for the both of us, but hopefully the knowledge that she's only three will make it a bit more understandable. I have no idea where she learned the term "bird brain" but as far as I can tell, she thinks it's a positive. Furthermore, I thought you, your husband, and your hair all looked lovely and I hope there are no long-lasting hurt feelings. I wish you all the best.


Mother of a Three-Year-Old that Needs a Lesson or Two in Manners


Necha said...

lol. That is too funny! My kids have said "Mom, I'm scared of him." about old people and disabled people. Lovely. So embarrassing.

kimmalee said...

Oh that is so so so funny...because I'm not her mom I suppose. I LOVE your craft desk. It's so awesome! What a great husband you have!

Audie said...

Haha!! Oakley did something like that yesterday at Winco. She said something about a guy and I said what guy. And a woman stocking shelves said,"She's talking about me." *sigh*

Lauren said...

Hahaha!! Thanks for sharing. My roommate Jill and I both laughed together when I read this to her. I'm sure I said plenty of embarrassing things... when I was older than 3! :)

Krista Hegstrom said...

Okay, that's so funny! Sorry you had to be there red-faced, but thanks for hilarious!

Cammi said...

I am at work I just laughed right outloud.... bird brain hair?! OH man that girl cracks me up! :)

Boom said...

I'm at work after hours but I wish I wasn't here alone so everyone would have come running and I could share this with them. It's hilarious. Thanks for sharing! Tralee is precious!

Love Mom