Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quite a WHAT?

Tralee loves to sing. She loves to make up her own songs, substitute words in songs she already knows, belt out the old classics, she just LOVES to sing. Sometimes Jim and I scratch our heads at some of her lyrics. For instance, she likes the old classic, Mary had a Little Lamb. She says it's a "purple" song. Purple and pink songs are songs she likes. Orange and blue songs are songs she doesn't like (don't worry, we're still Boise State fans, apparently our daughter just doesn't like their team colors). While in the car the other night she was singing the purply song Mary had a Little Lamb and Jim and I had to ask her to sing it again to make sure we heard her correctly. She's sang it a few times since, and the lyrics are still the same. Instead of:

". . . its fleece is white as snow" Tralee sings,

". . . its fleece is quite a hoe."

We're sure it's just a technical oversight, and we're trying to fix the lyrics in Tralee's version. Until she gets it right, Mary's lamb's fleece seems to be a little scandalous.

Tralee said a few other things lately that got us laughing. After she got out of the tub the other night I rubbed lotion on her as she was crouched down in her towel. I asked her to, "stand up straight please" so I could get to the areas that weren't accessible to me in her crouched position to which she replied, "I don't want to stand up straight. I want to stand up small."

The other cute thing Tralee told me was, "I'm not upside down, I'm up-side-up."

Not to be out-sillied by his sister, Hunter had us laughing yesterday when he hid behind the Christmas tree, started grunting like he was lifting a grand piano, and through one of the grunts said, "I pooping." Yeah, we were rolling. Sorry if you don't like poop-talk. It's a regular topic in our household. Hunter fits right in.

What did we ever do for entertainment before kids?


Boom said...

Quite the picture stories my dear. Thanks for the post!

Love Mom

Audie said...

Haha! A laugh out loud post!! P.S. my word verification is butful. Goes right along with the poop!!

Cammi said...

Oh man your kids crack me up.... I'd like to jump inside Tralee's mind for a day. Hilarious!