Friday, December 3, 2010

Snowman Make-over

Most of our drive back home was uneventful, then the snow started to fall. It fell the last half of our trip. By the time we got home, we weren't all that surprised to see white fluff all over our yard and driveway. We did the typical thing you do when there's an abundance of snow, we played in it!!
Our first creation was this giant snowman.
He lasted a day until Jim decided Snowster needed a make-over, so he transformed him into a Christmas Elf/Garden Gnome type thing. We like to look out the window as cars slow down to gaze upon him. It's also fun to see the kids walking home from school. They usually stop at the end of our driveway and make funny faces at our little dude. I think I'll name him Halwid Meriment Gleevesglinger. We'll call him Hal for short.
Here's Hal's juicy double pictured below.
When Jim's out of town, I'll be glad to have Hal as a back-up man of the house, that is, unless of course, he melts. Which he probably will eventually.


Audie said...

holy crap!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Leave it to the Jacobs to have a sweet-A snowman dude. And to have a sweet-A name for him too!
Miss you guys!

Necha said...

Holy Crow! That dude is huge. I think you are safe while Jim is away. No one would mess with you with a guy like that standing guard.