Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Night Out

The kids and I met up the the other Jacobs clan at the mall on Saturday. We window shopped, ate at the food court, and sat on Santa's lap. Good times.

Jovie and Tralee waiting to sit on Santa's lap. In case you were wondering, Tralee put her outfit together. Lovely.

Hunter waiting in line. Look at Oakley's face in the background. She wasn't happy about something. Don't worry Oaks, it's almost our turn to see Santa.
This was the first year Tralee walked right up to Santa without trepidation. She also got right down to business. After the first hug she said, "I want a toy that goes like this." Then she started to mimic rocking a baby. Cute!
Hunter, Oakley, Jovie, and Tralee sitting with Santa. This was the first year Hunter saw Santa too, but he was more impressed with all the fake snow surrounding the photo area than seeing the Man-in-Red.
If you're thinking, "Wow! These next few pictures look like they belong in a Pottery Barn catalog, you would be close! We were in the Pottery Barn store. Tralee and Jovie both took a chair and started reading the books Santa gave them. A few minutes later Tralee said, "We're relaxing!" They're too cute!

That was our big night out.
Simple, fun, fantastic!

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Boom said...

I was hoping they were sitting in your living room. It really looked beautiful. But they are too adorable, both of them. Great pictures. I think Tralee is dressing a bit like a hippie from the 60's. Where did she get that gene.

Love you all - Mom