Friday, December 21, 2007

Smarty Pants

I was playing on the floor with Tralee today, and I was pointing out where Mommy's nose was and where Tralee's nose was. Then I asked, "Where's Mommy's nose?" and she pointed right at it!!! I couldn't believe it! So then I pointed at my chin and Tralee's chin and asked, "Where's Mommy's chin?" She pointed right at my chin!!! I tried it with eyes, ears, mouth, and cheeks. She got it right, or at least in the area EVERY TIME! Is she a smarty pants or what? Not bad for an almost 11 month old. I was amazed and called Jim to tell him about our genius daughter. I even did it for him over the phone, he couldn't see what was happening, but he got the idea. After awhile Tralee got bored of that game, and crawled away, so now I'm blogging about how proud I am of her.

Earlier today Tralee was being very quiet while I was working on a craft. I figured that meant she was into some trouble, so I looked around for her and found her behind the Christmas tree chewing on a piece of candy. We don't have any candy in our house, so I wondered where it came from. After some more investigating I realized Tralee had been playing with our Christmas stockings and there must have been some candy stuck in the bottom of one of them from last year. GROSS! It was a strawberry tootsie roll candy. She had some of the chewy goodness in her mouth accompanied by the wrapper. The rest of the candy was in her strawberry and drool covered hand. Wouldn't you know it, I put her in a white shirt today. So, Tralee's shirt also had strawberry slime running down the front of it. It was quite the sight, and she was perfectly content to suck on last year's stocking stuffer, as she had sat there doing so for quite some time. She must have known I would take it away from her, so she hid behind the tree. What a goof ball. I wasn't totally mean, I did break off a tiny piece and let her finish part of her sweet find. The wrapper, and bulk of the candy ended up in the garbage can though. I don't trust last year's candy as much as she does.

We're going to Jim's Uncle's Christmas party tonight. We do a White Elephant Christmas exchange every year. It's pretty fun. We got some great gifts for the exchange. I'll have to let you know how it all goes later.

Happy Holidays!

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