Sunday, December 2, 2007

Funny Man

So, my husband is super silly, and makes me laugh everyday. Today he made me laugh by putting on my cookie monster pajama pants with his ski socks hiked up around the bottoms, and he strutted his stuff around our duplex for all to see. He said he put them on because he saw them in our room, and they looked comfortable. So, Jim wore a pear of PJ pants from the Juniors department at Kohls. He still has them on, and says he'll keep wearing them, even though there a little short, because they're super comfy.

Jim's worn other woman's items of mine, but I'll keep the details of those occasions just between Jim and I.

Here are some pictures of Jim modeling his new favorite outfit:

Later on Jim and Corky cuddled on the couch while watching Shrek the Third. I had to get a picture of that also.
Jim was the only one who made it to church today. We were all ready to go, but Tralee was being extra fussy, her nose was running, and she felt warm, so at the last minute Tralee and I decided we better stay home from church. While Jim was being spiritually uplifted Tralee and I took a nice long nap. After several sleepless nights of taking care of a sick baby, it felt really really good!

That's all folks!

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Mary Ann Carlile said...

Wow is all I can say. Wow. Good for Jim! Hope ya'll are feeling better soon!