Monday, December 10, 2007

O Christmas Tree

We woke up this morning to find this scene out of our window:

Today Tralee and I ran errands with her froggy hat on. I bought it for her last year, before she was even born. I got it when I worked at the Boise Art Museum. I love how cute Tralee looks in it, and she loves to have it on because I keep reaffirming out adorable she looks by saying, "SO BEAUTIFUL!" and "SO CUTE!" then I show her herself in the mirror with the hat on. She gets a big kick out of it. People we see while running errands also comment on how cute she is.

Tonight for FHE Jim, Tralee, and I went and picked out our Christmas Tree.

We came home, blasted Christmas music, decorated the tree, and then read an article from the Ensign. Now we're enjoying a living room with a beautiful tree.

Look closely at the following pictures, who do you see?

Jim is enjoying the end result

Me too!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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