Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kissy Kissy

Did you know that Jim thought "Kissy" would be a cute middle name for Tralee? Tralee Kissy Jacobs, boy would she have some issues if we choose that middle name, she'll have enough troubles with Tralee. Every time we tell someone her name it's the same reaction:

"What's her name."
"Tralee? That's. . . pretty"
"It's an Irish city. My husband lived in Ireland for two years while he was serving an LDS mission and he fell in love with the city Tralee. If you ever heard of the Rose of Tralee pageant or the song, then that's how you say her name."
"Oh yeah, it's really pretty."

Anyway, Tralee has been giving us kisses lately. It's really cute. If you ask for a kiss she'll either give you her forehead to kiss, or she'll plant her mouth against yours. She DOES NOT like Jim and I to kiss. She'll push us away from each other, and sometimes she'll even scream and push. As soon as she gets us away from each other, she's ready and willing to give one of us a smack-a-roo. A few times she's given me a kiss without me asking for one. It melts my heart. She's a little cutie-face!

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