Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fun Stuff

Yesterday Jim, Tralee, and I met with some of Jim's family around here for lunch. We were celebrating Jim's Grandma's 79th birthday. It was a nice little gathering. Then, last night I went to Enrichment. It was super fun. We did a service auction and instead of money we used points. You got points by doing things like, "if you've been married 25 or more years you get 20 pts," or "if you said your prayers today you get 10 pts." The items up for auction ranged from one furnace cleaning service, to a full day of babysitting, to crafty items. It was fun. I tried to get the furnace service for our house on Chicken Dinner Road, but I didn't have enough points. Some of the older women had the younger women beat because they had more points from life experiences. I ended up bidding on a really great framed "The Living Christ" collage thing. It's really pretty. I got it for 1270 pts. I brought some crafts to donate, and people really liked them.

Today Tralee and I wrapped some Christmas gifts -- actually I wrapped them and Tralee tore up Christmas paper. We listened to Christmas music and cleaned a little bit.

Jim has a Young Men's activity tonight, and I'm going to run some errands. I took some cute pictures of Tralee that I'll post on here. ENJOY!

That's about all folks!

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