Sunday, December 30, 2007


The past few days Jim's oldest sister, Sue, and her family have been in Boise. They drove from Reno, Nevada for a nice visit. On Friday I hung out with Sue, Tricia, and Sue's three oldest kids, Henry, Keaton, and Katie -- Kelly and Colleen stayed at Grandma Tricia's with their Dad. We went to the Boise Discovery Center. It was pretty cool. There were lots of little experiments and scientific things for children of all ages to do. Aunt Michelle met us there with her four kids, and it was a lot of fun. Tralee had fun watching some of the things, but she was mostly along for the ride.

Some highlights were Katie (2nd grade) "fixing" my dog for me. The Discovery Center has a "Veterinary Clinic" with lots of old medical equipment, examination tables, and stuffed animals that kids can work on. I picked out my dog and Veterinarian Katie worked on it. According to Katie my dog suffered from a diseased leg, bad teeth, sickness of the heart attack, and it couldn't see. The diagnoses was tough to take, but Katie assured me with 20 days in her care, my dog would be as good as new. She wrapped its leg in gauze and kept listening to its heart with the stethoscope. I'm glad I had such a professional veterinarian on my side!

Another highlight was this pulley thing you sat in and pulled a rope to hoist yourself up. The kids really liked this, and I even tried. There was a shadow box thing, where you posed on a wall, a light would flash, and your shadow would stay up on the wall. That was pretty cool. Sue and Tricia really liked all the mind games and puzzles, the boys had fun with pretty much all the experiments that were hands on, everyone liked the tornado mist thing, and I liked the bed of nails. There was a place that you laid down, and you hit a switch and nails would lift you up. So, you were REALLY laying on a bed of nails. The Discovery Center was a success, and afterwards we all went out for milkshakes and French fries. YUM YUM! Tralee fell asleep on the way home.

Jim got back from scout camp on Saturday night. We hung out with Sue and Dan's kids while they went on a double date. Jim played cards with Keaton and Henry while Katie acted out all of the holidays for me. She had a dance for each holiday and I had to guess what the dance was called. I never got it right as the dances had names like: The Dance of the Indians and Africans Getting Together for a Good Love Time and For Food (That was for Thanksgiving . . . How could I have missed that?)

Kelly and Colleen both had ear infections, and now I think Tralee might have one too. She's been cranky and grabs the side of her head a lot. I don't think she got sick from her cousins as she's been sick for a little while. I even stayed home from Church with Tralee today, because she was extra fussy and didn't sleep very well last night. I hope this stupid season of sickness ends soon. It's miserable having a sick baby! She's so fussy! Who could blame her? I 'm fussy when I'm sick too!

Look at this fat Colleen baby, she's a few months younger than Tralee, but she's weighs about the same!

This weekend was fun. I just wish the little babies didn't get sick, that would have made it perfect.

A few more things: I cleaned my house on Saturday and got ALL the laundry done. Jim had fun at scout camp, and at least Jim and I are healthy.
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Tralee just typed all of the above amazing insights.

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