Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Party

Last night Jim, Tralee, and I went to Uncle Dave's and Aunt Becky's Christmas Party. As I mentioned in an earlier post we were excited to give our White Elephant gift, it seems there were others that had equally entertaining presents to give.

We arrived at Dave and Becky's around 6:30 and were instantly among Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. We ate yummy food, visited, and played. After a while the gift exchange began. Jim helped Uncle Dave direct the gift giving. Some of the funniest items were a LIVE lobster, an enema kit, feminine hygiene items, a Walmart employee shirt, and large underwear. Jim and I gave a pair of large woman's underwear that we decorated with some festive tinsel, and little diamonds that spelled out "Ho Ho Ho." The woman's underwear also sported a bunny tail, and we thought they turned out rather nice. When we went into Walmart to buy the underwear we asked the worker for her largest pair of woman's underwear possible. She looked rather perplexed and asked, "What are they for?" She probably thought we were a bunch of freaks who got excited dressing in large woman's clothing. Not the case. We explained they were just a gag gift. However, last night someone else had a similar idea, and when Jim opened hist gift there was a LARGE pair of Men's underwear inside. He put them on, and I have to say "WOW! Something looked right!" (Just jokes!)

We had fun. Here are some photos from last night's festivities.

Here's Tralee sporting the reject pair of underwear we didn't use. They came in a pack of two, and we chose the pink pair.
Stinky Tralinky and Skinny Brinny called each other before the party and decided to wear matching Santa hats. (They're only a week apart in age, the girls . . . NOT the hats)

Tralee looks rather festive, doesn't she?
Jim's showing off his Christmas gift. Nice undies Babe!

Jim discovered a new and exciting way to tote Tralee around. She'll probably be seeing a shrink one day for this!Jim and Uncle Dave gave free airplane rides to all the little kids after the party. I think some adults even got a ride. CRAZY!!

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