Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We're Back! Let's Celebrate with a Video!!

Hi guys!  I'm back from an almost two-week trip to Vegas with my family!  I have pictures I'll need to upload and share, but not yet.  I literally walked through the door an hour ago, and have loads of unpacking to do. . . or, I have loads of unpacking to do tomorrow, and I really just want to relax with some popcorn and a cheesy Netflix movie (bring it on Cyberbully) tonight.

Anywho, until I get to blogging again, here's a video I made for Jim for our Anniversary/Father's Day this year.  I made it a few months ago, and never got around to putting it on the blog.  So, it goes on tonight!  Better late than never!

The video I made for Jim is a lot longer, but this is a condensed version I made for the internet.  It's a bunch of video clips of our lil' family over the last eleven years.  You don't have to watch it, I'll never know if you don't.  Something I DO know is that I have a few family members that can't wait to see new things on the blog. . . so for them. . . here you go:

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Boom said...

Sometimes I feel Heavenly Father uses me for laughs. But he makes up for everything by giving me the chance to have you in my life for eternity. You are so much more everything in every way! Thank you for being who you are!

Love you!