Friday, July 26, 2013

Stirrin' Up Some Ol' Photos

I know we just got back from Vegas, but I still have a few more pictures from our Canada trip to post.  These will round up the Canada pics, and then I can move forward.

The following pictures are pretty random, there's no rhyme or reason to them.  They are purely for enjoyment purposes only.   

Zayah and Jim snuggling.  I'm pretty sure this little girl has her Uncle Jim wrapped around her finger.

Tralee fell asleep petting Misty the cat.  It was like a dream come true for my little cat lover.  I kind of liked it too.  Anytime my babes want to fall asleep snuggling me, I'm fine with that!

Only on the country back roads in Canada can Zayah "help" Jim drive
 On a Friday night, Cammi and I met up with Nikki and Channing in Lethbridge, and took the kids to see Monsters University.  It was a cute show, and fun was had by all. 

Hunter's MU ID

Tralee's MU ID. . . can you tell she was trying to look like a monster?  Haha!


At the movie

Tralee fishing

Cammi had a bubble blower, my kids LOVED it!
On to the next!

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