Friday, July 26, 2013

The Great Outdoors

A few weekends ago, we went up to the McCall area to play on Jim's Uncle's property.  We explored the tree house, found (and probably scared) baby birds in a nest, fished, swung on the hammocks, paddled around in a canoe, drove around on a golf cart, and zoomed up and down the river on some wave runners.  It was a fun couple of days.

"Mom, try to find me!  I'm hiding!"
My view.  Jim took the kids out to catch toads so I had a moment all to myself.  It was great!
Having fun in the canoe.
More fun times
Here's a little video showing what we were up to:

The next weekend, we decided to head up to the McCall area again, and go on a hike.  We hiked down to a lake. . . not Blue Lake, but another one near it.  It was a gorgeous hike!  Jim, Courtney (we took Jim's favorite cousin, Courtney, with us), and Tralee fished all around the lake while Hunter and I found some charcoal from a campfire, and drew all over rocks with it.  Our hands were black, but our hearts were happy.  Before we left the lake, Jim, Courtney, and Tralee all jumped in.  Tralee didn't have a swimsuit on, so she jumped in with her undies!  It was all good, we were the only ones there.

  The hike back up and out of the mountains was equally gorgeous, but was a touch too long for our little ones.  They might have been able to complain less if it wasn't dinner time and they weren't starving.  After our hike, we went out to eat at a local burger joint.  It was oh-so-yummy.  We had a great day!

I love our little family adventures!

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