Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rainy Days in Canada and a Funny Hunter Story

On around the fourth day of our trip, the weather changed from sunny and warm, to blustery and wet.  The first night it rained, there was actually a Tornado advisory.  When the storm blew in that evening, we spent a good portion of the evening on Ross and Judy's deck watching the weather show.  The lightening was close and the thunder rumbled the house.  It was exciting.  It rained pretty hard for a few days, and the excitement turned to sadness when the news came of extreme flooding in towns across Alberta.  Homes were ruined and washed away, businesses ruined, zoo animals had to be relocated to holding cells in Calgary, and entire towns had to be evacuated.  We were all fine where Jim's dad lives, but hearing about other's losses definitely brought a feeling of concern.

Cammi, me, and, Channing outside watching the weather

See the lightning bolt?

Jim and me having fun in the crazy weather

Our little family on the deck watching the weather show

One day Jim and I decided to take the kids into Waterton to check out what the rains did there.  We discovered that some roads/bridges had been completely washed away, there was some flooding in the main part of town, and there was a lot of damage to hiking trails.  In fact, almost every road, besides the main one, was closed down.  We spent a few hours driving around, taking pictures, and then made our way to The Prince of Wales Hotel to warm up and drink some tea and hot chocolate.

Just a few days before this weather was crystal clear, and so calm.  After the rains it was brown and choppy.

Watching all the rain runoff on the mountains

At the waterfall.  It was CRAZY how much it was RAGING!!

Notice how Hunter is not in the picture.  He wanted nothing to do with being outside in the rain, so he waited in the car while we snapped this picture.  Silly boy!

We couldn't believe it!

Look at how crazy that water is!  Just a few days before it was calmly running under the bride.  This day, it was really close to the bridge,  and all brown from the rains.

Tour car thing seen around Waterton
 This was the kids first time inside Prince of Wales hotel.  We usually don't bother going in, because we're too busy outside playing.  Today, we went in, and decided to take advantage of "High Tea" hour.   
Prince of Wales lobby
 I have to tell the inappropriate story about Hunter, because it's too funny not to.  Sorry if you don't approve of the humor, but Jim and I couldn't stop laughing.  So. . . as we were pulling into the parking lot at Prince of Wales hotel, Jim started complaining about how other people had parked.  He might have said a couple of inappropriate things, when all of a sudden from the back seat we hear Hunty's cute little voice say, "Yeah, I think everyone in the world are douchebags!  Except for everyone in our family."  I cried I laughed so hard.  Of course, we told Hunter that's not a nice word, and that he shouldn't ever call someone that.  

Fast forward to a few days later, after we were back home, Hunter rode his Power Wheels four-wheeler down to the mailbox with me.  When he pulled into a parking space, he parked his four-wheeler really crooked.  After he dismounted and saw his parking job, he turned around and yelled to me, "Hey Mom, I parked my four-wheeler like a douchebag!"  I again laughed so hard I cried, then reminded him that that's not a nice word.  However, I think Jim and I should probably stop using it so much if we don't want our children saying it.  It's kind of a favorite profanity around here.  We're all working on it.
Hunter enjoying his hot chocolate at the Prince of Wales hotel.  We sat right by a window and enjoyed the blustery scenery.

Tralee drinking her hot coco.


I wanted tea.  It was delicious!  I think I ordered Citrus Mint.  Lovely flavors!
Even though the weather was a little crazy, we were still able to have fun on our last few days in Canada.

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Sounds great! Nice scape.
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