Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fishes and Gophers and Bears - Oh My!

Here are a few more random Canada trip pictures.  We got lucky with some really fine weather the first few days we were there.  Then, the rain hit, and it never really stopped.  I'll write about that later, for now, enjoy these pictures of us doing our favorite Canada activities. . . 

Jim and his shark

Ross with his catch

Jim said this fish was making a "J" for Jacobs

Jim and his dad are a lot alike.  Not only do they have very similar mannerisms, they also enjoy doing the same activities.  While in Canada, if I can't find Jim, it's probably because he's with Ross golfing, shooting things, or fishing.  One day, they woke up, went fishing, then went golfing, went to shoot some gophers, went golfing again, and ended the day with fishing.  I can't keep up.  In fact, I don't even try.  On one of their golfing outings, they ran into a grizzly bear.  I was TICKED about it.  I've only seen one bear one time in Canada.  It was our first trip to Canada together, and I only saw the black bear's behind as it ran away from us.  Just once, I would like to see one close up.  Jim pretty much walked right up to this one, and captured some photos.  He also saw a wolf, mountain sheep, foxes, deer, elk, and loads of other small critters.  Hopefully next time I can see a bear in the wild.  Until then, these pictures will have to do. 

Grizzly bear checking out Jim's golf swing on the Waterton golf course.

Jim and bear
 One morning Hunter went outside, took off his shirt, and sat on some of Grandpa's antique farm equipment.  When I asked what he was doing he said, "Oh, just sittin' on a couch, watchin' some t.v.  Want to join me?"  I did.  It was a great show!

One day, Cammi, me, and our kids met up with Jim and Ross to go shooting.  The kids and I mostly rode around in the back of the truck while the rest of the adults took care of the rodent population on one of their neighbor's properties.  When Jim was a kid, the farmers used to pay him to come shoot the gophers on their property.  If they only would have known, Jim would have done it for free.  The kids and I mostly hung out and explored.  Hunter pretended to be Batman, and Tralee was Nature Fairy.  Good times.
Nature Fairy


See ya later, Batman.

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