Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Old Window Project

I bought an old window at an antique store a few months ago, and it pretty much sat in my garage from the moment I brought it home, waiting for me to figure out what to do with it.  Today, whilst I was digging through my ever cluttered garage, I spotted my old window, and finally had an idea light bulb flicker above my head.  

I promptly forgot what I was searching for in the garage, snatched up the window, brought it inside, and got to work.  

I pulled up my Silhouette program on the computer, and came up with a vinyl design for the window.

I had seen a similar design on another crafter's blog (when I remember which one, I'll include the link), and decided to go with a bakery theme.  My Great Grandmother Frances Wasilewski was the inspiration, as she used to bake professionally for weddings and other occasions back in her day.  My Nana says she remembers her childhood basement (this was before large ice boxes) filled with tortes, cakes, and other such delectables for upcoming events.   Some of Great Grandma's intricate recipes are still famous in our family.  I have yet to try a few of her torte recipes, as the steps intimidate me a bit.  

Anyway, since my Great Grandma Wasilewski was a baker, I named my window after her!  I added a few more details, and now my antique window project is decorating my kitchen.  I put it above the cabinets, where it will probably stay.  Maybe one day, Great Grandma Frances will even come take a peek through it, and look down at me as I attempt one of her recipes!

Hopefully, it will turn out!  I have a legacy to live up to!


Boom said...

Great Idea Leslie!!!

Jim said...


It's been a while since checking you blog. Great post. Can really notice that your workouts are paying dividends. Your shaping up.

Love Dad