Saturday, January 26, 2013

Last Ramblings. . .

Who's sick of me talking about Hawaii?  Does anybody feel like punching me in the face because I'm going on and on and on about what an amazing time we had there?  Actually. . . I only know of two people FOR SURE who read my posts daily (Hi Mom!  Hi Nana!) and their adoration for me runs so deep I'm pretty sure I could write about the dog turd I scooped up this morning on my walk with Corky and they'd have nothing but accolades to say about it.  It's nice to know I have such adoring fans, all two of them.

Anywho, I have one last post about Hawaii.  It's mostly a few pictures of our little apartment that didn't really go with any other topic.  

The kids playing one night before bed.  I didn't want to forgot the moment.  Everything looked so sweet.
The first thing I wanted to write is about our apartment.  The building is both an apartment building and hotel called The Waikiki Grand.  I read mixed reviews about the hotel and was a bit worried before we arrived.  However, the reviews about the "Artist's Pad" were all positive.  After living there for a month, I grew quite fond of our "Hawaii Home" as well.  One entire wall was windows, and you could open several of them to let in a breeze.  The city lights were always fun to see at night.  It was lovely!  The owner's also decorated for Christmas, so it felt rather homey inside.  Again. . . lovely!  

I also read about a gay bar, Hula's, located on the second floor of the building.  I worried about being so close to a bar (any bar gay or straight), but joked with Jim that he wouldn't have to worry about me getting hit on by drunk guys while he was away at work.  I mean, what guy doesn't want to hit on a bedraggled sand-covered mom heading home from a day at the beach with kids in tow?  In all seriousness, apart from watching a few people stumble into taxis outside the building at night (some with colorful language), and hearing many Madonna and Lady Gaga songs playing when we walked by the street below, having Hula's in our building was fine.  Plus, we met some rather fabulous people on our many elevator rides.

Something I'll always remember about our trip was that the first two weeks in the apartment the cable was down.  Not a big deal, as we don't have cable at home and the beach was a block away and kept us entertained for hours on end.  However there's the fact that, we don't have cable at home, so the thought of having more than four channels to choose from when we were in the room was slightly exciting for me.  The TV did have a DVD player.  However, the only DVD it recognized was Elf.  I think we watched Elf about once-a-day the first few weeks.  It got to the point where EVERY elevator ride where someone rode with us, and got off, Tralee shouted, "Wait, I forgot to give you a hug!" as the doors closed.  Quotes and scenes from the movie were also acted out throughout the day.  My favorite was when Tralee was acting like Jovie and said, "You did this?  You know they're kind of pissed about this."  I laughed.

Our Christmas tree for 2012

The last random memory from our trip was when we took Jim out to eat at our favorite udon noodle restaurant.  We ate there so much that one day a worker told us, "See you tomorrow!" as we left.  Anyway, after sharing a meal together Jim asked the kids, "Did you like dinner?"  Tralee's response was, "Yes!  There's a party in my tummy.  Except the party is over, so I have to send everyone out the back door!"  She then made a few impolite noises.  I laughed again.  Potty humor is not a lost cause in our family.  I promise we try to stay proper in the appropriate situations, but in our home many giggles erupt after an impolite noise.

Our little bathroom had a cute small tub, with a small open window above it.

So there you go!  My last Hawaii post!  Aloha!