Friday, January 11, 2013

Hawaii Back Track -- Makapu'u Beach

I have some pictures that I took on the big camera that I haven't added from our first days in Hawaii.    My iphone was so handy to write blog posts from while we were there, but now I have to back-track a bit to add the pics I didn't capture with lady Siri.  The pictures below were taken from day two of our trip.  You can read more about it here.

Tralee and me at Makapu'u beach.  Cammi and Chase were married here (SIL and BIL).  I can see why.  It was a beautiful beach blanketed with lava rocks and soft sand!   In fact, we saw another couple taking their wedding pictures there.

Love this picture!

She was being super silly!

On the drive back from the beach we stopped at a scenic look-out and saw people swimming at a hidden beach below.  We also watched a big blow-hole in the rocks.


That's the blow hole

Mist from the blow hole.

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