Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas in Hawaii - 2012

It's Christmas in Hawaii.  The temperature is 72.  It's Christmas, and it's bright and gay, and Santa does the hula for you.  

We heard the above song SEVERAL times while in Hawaii.  Jim heard it the most on his way to and from work.  He heard it so much, he'll still break out in song at the mention of Hawaii, or Santa, or Christmas.

When talking to Tralee and Hunter about Christmas this year, we explained that their BIG present would be going to Hawaii.  We told them that we would give each other a few small gifts, and that Santa would bring a few things he knew we could take home with us.  They seemed more than okay with those plans.

Besides all the Santa talk, we wanted to reiterate what the true meaning of Christmas was all about.  I think Tralee got it, as she made up the following song:

"The true meaning of Christmas isn't about presents.
The true meaning of Christmas is about Jesus and giving and love."

The night before Christmas

Kids on Christmas Eve . . . Tralee seems to be in a dangerous spot.  We moved them to the pull-out bed after this was taken.

Christmas morning brought with it all sorts of magic trimmed with happy smiles, excitement, and traditions.  Santa found us across the ocean, and brought with him gifts and a letter explaining that there were a few more packages waiting back home in Idaho.  I managed to make my Nana's Christmas Crepes and give a nod to her Quiche in my scrambled egg creation.  Jim said they were the best scrambled eggs he's ever had, so it must have worked out.

Hunter asked for a ball and slippers from Santa

Tralee asked for some slippers, a Ukulele, and a Jack-in-the-Box.  The only problem was she decided she wanted a jack-in-the-box two days before Christmas.  Santa had to REALLY scramble and then promise to deliver it to Idaho, instead of Hawaii.

Kids in the morning, waiting for us to give the the okay to start opening presents.


We were excited too!!

Opening their stockings

His face!  Magical!!

Jim reading the letter from Santa

Seriously!  That face! 

Wearing his new slippers

After presents were played with, brunch eaten, and Christmas movies watched, we slipped into our suites --  of the swim variety -- and walked across the street to the beach.  We built sandcastles, played, swam, and even saw a mermaid!

Tralee the mermaid

A few hours later we washed the sand out of our crevices, got dressed, and made our way up to the sundeck to watch the Christmas sunset.

The view of Diamond Head from the deck

Hunter was sad Tralee pushed the elevator button before he could.  Silly boy!

While up on the roof with my family I felt truly blessed.  Our Christmas was full of beauty, magic, and love, and we could truly feel the spirit of our loving Heavenly Father and His Son.  I think Tralee would agree that we felt the true meaning of Christmas -- even in a place where Santa does the hula for you.

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Boom said...

If I were your child I would have turned out so much better! Not sure how you turned out so GREAT!!!!!

Love Mom