Saturday, January 5, 2013

December 23rd and Christmas Eve

The 23rd and Christmas Eve were pretty typical days.  The kids and I played at the beach and enjoyed our time together in paradise.  Tralee and Hunter said goodbye to Tallinn (not sure if I spelled that right), their new southern friend.  I think I said his name was Kaelon, but I was wrong.  

Jim was officially done working Christmas Eve Night.  It was SOOOOO nice knowing that as soon as he walked through the apartment door we could play together as a family EVERYDAY!!!!  However, before Jim came home to us that night, the kids and I took the elevator from the seventh floor to the main level, walked through the open-air lobby, down the stairs, passed The ABC store, a surf shop, and Starbucks, turned the corner, and arrived at The Cookie Corner to pick out Santa's cookies.  We each picked out a cookie we thought Santa would enjoy, and maybe a few extras just for us!  Then we sat by the beach, ate a few cookies, looked at the sky to see if Santa would pass overhead, and finally decided to make our way back to our Hawaiian home.  So, we said goodbye to the beach, walked back towards our apartment, turned a corner, passed Starbucks, a surf shop, and The ABC store, climbed a few stairs, walked through the open-air lobby, and took the elevator back to the seventh floor which lead us to apartment 721.

As soon as we were back "home" we changed into our pajamas, laid out Santa's cookies and fruits and veggies for the reindeer, wrote Santa a letter, and went online to track Santa's route.

A few minutes after tracking Santa, Jim came home and our vacation in paradise officially began! 

Tralee and Tallinn

Picking out Santa's cookies

What's a Hawaiian Christmas without a decorated Palm tree?

Tralee and Tallinn

Santa's milk and cookies and Reindeer food.  Tralee and Hunter dictated their note to Santa to me.

Santa's letter to Tralee
After Santa came

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