Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Big Waves at the North Shore 12-31-12

We knew at some point we wanted to drive out to the North Shore and watch the surfers on the BIG waves.  We looked up the surf report and saw that the highest surf ranging between 20-30 foot waves would be on New Years Eve.  We packed our family up, and started to drive.  We passed the Dole Plantation and some other gorgeous views on the trip out.

We made it to Waimea Bay and joined a large group of  gapers as we watched the surfers who have to to have some big cajones surf on some crazy looking waves.  We also watched walls of water crash onto shore.  No one in the sand was even going near the water, there were signs posted all over, and the lifeguards even put up yellow tape to keep people away.  We were told the undercurrent was equally as rough as the waves looked.  That's why I was AMAZED as a watched surfer after surfer paddled out.  They're crazy . . . but awesome.

I didn't have a zoom lens with me, so I didn't get very many pictures of the surfers, but found a video someone took of all the surfers at Waimea Bay the day we were there.  If you care to, check it out as none of our photos really do the surf justice.  It's a long video, so just to see some big waves fast forward to around the 1.00 minute mark:

Here are some of our pics from at the beach:

Tralee wanted to go play in the water.  We told her she had to stay a beach bunny until later on when we went to a more manageable beach.

Our family's sandy feat

Our shadows

I like the way Hunty's lookin' up to his big sis.

After Waimea Bay, we climbed back in our car, and kept driving.  Eventually we found the LDS temple.  It was Monday, so everything was closed, but we got some pics of the grounds.  Gorgeous!

Jim with the kids outside the temple

Hawaiian State Flower

As the time ticked during out drive, we pulled up to the Shrimp Shack right around lunch time.  This food truck has been serving tourists and locals alike for many years, and has camped out right beside Ling's (it could be Ching's, I can't remember) store.  The store has also been there dating back to the 1920's I believe.  We enjoyed our time there, as well as some yummy food!

I wore a hat all day, as my lips were still recovering from their burn.  Jim thought I looked cute in it, even with burnt lips.

Waiting to, "suck, peel, dip, and EAT" our shrimp and WHOLE crab we bought for lunch.

Tralee with part of our crab.  Let me tell you, that crab made me want to cry it tasted so good.  I even said that after my first bite.  Tralee thought I was weird, but after she tasted some crab, she turned her head towards me and gave me a knowing nod.
 After lunch, we continued our drive home.  We saw some beautiful mountains. . . 

 and even saw some cool looking trees.  Does anybody know what kind of tree pictured below is?  We saw loads of them in the country and thought they were quite lovely.

 Driving through the country we saw some signs for some movie tours.  I guess several movies were filmed around these parts.  Parts of 50 First Dates was filmed around here, and I guess the movie crew built a set for the restaurant where Adam Sandler's character (can't think of the name) and Lucy first met around these parts as well.  You can pay for a tour.  I didn't really care all that much, but thought it was cool as that's one of my favorite movies.

We arrived to our Hawaii home, and Jim took the kids out to the beach to play while I tackled some laundry.  I didn't mind staying indoors to give my lips some time away from the sun.  I also made a new friend in the laundry room.  We looked out for each other as there were some CRAZY people in there wanting to get their laundry done too.  Remember that scene from Friends where Ross is teaching Rachel how to fend for herself at the laundromat, and she gets into it with some lady.  Yeah, it was like that!  My new buddy and I had each other's backs as navigated the laundry room together!  She was a local and actually lived in the building with her hubby and baby girl.  Super nice and I'm glad we had each other's backs!

Our New Year's celebrations were perfect.  We bought a bottle of sparkling apple cider, poured each of us a glass and took turns toasting for the new year.  We clinked glasses after each toast.  I wish I wrote down the kids' toasts, but I've completely forgot what they said.  Tralee's was really sweet, and Hunter's was totally random.

After our toasts we watched movies together until we all fell asleep.  I woke up at midnight to the sound of fireworks on the beach.  I guess Waikiki does a HUGE fireworks show that we could have seen right off the sundeck.  I listened to the fireworks explode and people cheer as I stayed snuggled next to my hubby.  I was completely and utterly content right where I was.  I did manage to find his lips in the dark, give him a smooch and whisper, "Happy New Year!" into the air as others cheered below us on the streets and beach below. 

I couldn't think of a better way to kick of 2013!