Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stinks Turned Six

Tralee's birthday was last week.  She turned six, and I'm not really sure how that happened.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.  My baby girl is six!  That's a whole new ball of crazy that her momma is not ready for!     

My six-year-old wants to be an artist when she grows up, so that morning before school, I took her on a Mommy-Daughter date to the Boise Art Museum while Hunter was at pre-school.  

While at the museum we saw a fun White Elephant exhibit, as well as some other cool art.  We also visited the art experience gallery so Stinks could create some art of her own.  While there, we visited with some old colleagues of mine, and they all couldn't believe it had been six years since I had the very baby I quit working for.  We joked that Tralee's interest in art might be a by-product of me working at the art museum while she was cookin' inside my belly.

So. . . every birthday comes with a cake.  Tralee and I went to Pinterest for inspiration.  She spotted a cake that she could color on herself, and that was it!  I followed the recipe and created a Pinterest FAIL!!!  The cake tasted gross, and was falling apart.  I still attempted to make it look alright with the frosting, but that didn't turn out either.  Instead of being light and fluffy it curdled and also tasted. . . icky!  Tralee tried it and made a gross face.  This just wouldn't do!  So. . . I called for reinforcements.  My neighbor came over and we started from scratch.  Cake number one was tossed, and we made a tried-and-true chocolate cake recipe.  Janessa, my neighbor, even helped me line the cake pans properly so that the cake would come out easily.  Cake number two and the frosting on it turned out perfect!

For Tralee to color on her cake, we had to cover it with white fondant, and then buy some food coloring pens. I've never worked with fondant before, but it also turned out great!  Probably not professional grade, but good enough for my six-year-old to decorate it.  PHEW!!
Cake numer one on top.  You have my permission to laugh.  Cake number two on the bottom.  It was oh-so-yummy!
Tralee had a lot of fun decorating her own birthday cake.  She even let me help!

After we decorated Tralee's cake, Jim came home, and we took her out to dinner.  She choose Chinese.  Silly girl loves her some chinese food.  When our bellies were full, our next stop was the pet store.  We promised Tralee she could pick out a pet fish for her birthday.    

When we came home from the pet store it was present opening time.  Tralee got some art supplies and a new camera from us.  All of her grandparents also sent some fun gifts/money.  The girl was set!

Once all the presents were unwrapped it was cake time!!

Tralee with her new camera and her birthday cake.

Here's my girl making a wish!

I hope it comes true!

Jim got her a necklace from work for her birthday.  She loves it!  It's her "fancy" necklace.

This is our new fish.  His name is Tom.

Tralee's birthday was on a Wednesday.  We didn't plan a big party, but told Tralee she could pick something fun to do with a friend on Saturday.  Tralee picked her friend Ella, and said she wanted to go to Build-A-Bear with her.  So, on Saturday two excited little girls, Hunter, and myself made our way to the mall.  We all had fun makin' our stuffed animals, and then visited the food court for lunch.  It was a fun day!

Although I'm not too happy that my babies keep growing, I am pleased with the fun, spunky, creative, sweet people they're growing into.

Happy 6th Birthday Stinks!  We love you!


Cammi said...

Love that cake idea. I have it pinned as well. It will be Zayah's cake for all forseeable birthdays. Love her wishing face, adorable. Can't wait to see the pictures that come off of Tralee's camera. Love her!

Nana said...

I thought these pics were adorable.