Thursday, May 31, 2012

Daddy's Pink Suit

Last night at scouts (I'm the new commissioner, you know.  It sounds very important.  I'm still pretty clueless unto what it means.) I was chatting with Tralee's Primary teacher who told me a story that made me giggle uncontrollably for several seconds.

A few weeks ago in Tralee's Primary class all the children were coloring a picture of a few men in Sunday suits giving a girl a blessing.  Tralee colored all the suits pink and purple, of course.  One of the boys saw Tralee's masterpiece and said, "Boys don't wear pink suits!"  Tralee NEVER wants to be wrong --not in the slightest-- so her reply was as follows:

"Oh yeah!  Well my daddy has a pink suit and he wears it at home for us all the time!"

Oh my!  I told Jim about his imagined pink suit and he thought it was awesome.  We'll have to keep our eye out for a pink suit, and maybe one of these Sundays Jim will show up to church looking like this:

I can just see the controversy it would stir up with all of the five-year-olds in Tralee's class!
Tralee would be so proud!


Amberly said...

he could totally rock a pink suit, although I see it more a light pink shade...

Michelle Burk said...

Just spray paint a thrift store suit. That would be awesome!

Boom said...

Oh Yeah! Jim in pink! Do it!