Sunday, June 3, 2012

Payette River Day

On Friday we drove into nature, and spent the day with the other Jacobs family playing by the Payette river.

Here are a few pictures from our day:
Jim bought the kids each a treat when we stopped at a gas station on the way up.  Hunter was pretty excited about his sucker.
Tralee is our little daredevil.  She has no fear.  She kept going into the water, and this time of year the water was cold and high with a strong current.  We thought a life jacket would be best for this little munchkin.  
Jim caught a lizard.  It kept the wee ones entertained for a bit.
Jovie loves lizards, can you tell?

Building something in the sand
Cute baby Anson.

The water was frigid.  You can tell by Jared's face that it wasn't too pleasant to be in.  Lil' Oakley was a trooper to go in!  Tralee, Jovie, and Jim went in as well.   I had no no plans on swimming this day.  Hunter shared my thoughts on the matter. 

Chow time

Hunty was just fine and dandy with playing on the big rocks by the shore.

My cute baby boy!  I'm told he looks like me.  I would have to agree.
Jim and Jared are close friends and cousins.  Can you tell?  Should I be worried? :)

It was a beautiful day playing in nature!  The kids sure had fun!  The girls pretended to be mermaids.  Jovie was the mother mermaid.  Every time Tralee said, "Mother" I asked what she wanted only to be told she was talking to Jovie.

Cute sisters!  Joves and Oaks
Anson looks weirded out by Jim.  It doesn't take much for anyone to be weirded out by the man I've chosen to spend eternity with.  Jealous?

We had a lovely day playing with our friends.  On the windy drive home we stopped by a gas station that had a little fruit and veggie stand next to it.  Jim bought a huckleberry pie that was TO DIE FOR!  We also purchased some summer squash, garlic cloves, watermelon, cherries, and jalapeno jelly.  Everything was delish!

Our day was fantastic!

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What a fun day! Thanks for sharing!

Love You!