Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I started making a group of digital art prints for Jim and my anniversary.  The plan was I was going to hang them as a set of three somewhere in our house before our anniversary.  I never finished.  Part of the problem was life in general. . . I got busy.  The other problem was, I couldn't decide between two prints.  

I knew I wanted a (kind of) primary color theme.  I also knew I wanted a SLC temple print (where we were married), a favorite couples print, and lastly a tree printable.  Jim and I carved our names in a tree when we were first dating at one of our special spots in Logan Canyon, so I wanted something of that nature.  

The first tree-ish print I created had just our names with a tree trunk-ish background.  Then I saw some prints online that incorporated birds and trees into the name carving, and I liked that as well. . . so I made one like that also.  Now I can't decide which of the tree themed ones I like better.  I created two mock-ups of how they might hang together, and I ask you, dear reader, to please let me know which one you prefer.  Leave a comment, if you have a moment.  I just can't decide.

Here's possibility #1 with just the tree trunk:
 Here's possibility #2 with the trees, birds, and carving:
 Here are all the prints a little closer:
The print above incorporates some of Jim and my favorite couples. . . including us!  I can't take credit for this idea, I saw it on Pinterest or Etsy or something like that and I thought it was marvelous.

The print below is where we were married.  I took an actual wedding picture of us, and made the silhouette from it.

 And lastly, here are the two I can't decide between:

Which one?  Any opinions?


amy said...

I think they're both amazing, but the second one with the trees and birds caught my eye more.

Necha said...

I loved them both, but I really liked the second set with the birds.

Boom said...

I prefer the tree trunk without the birds with the trio. But if you were to do the tree alone, I like the bird one.

Krista Hegstrom said...

I like the one with the trees and birds best- all super cute though