Saturday, June 16, 2012

We're in San Francisco!

The kids and I flew into San Francisco on Wednesday night to spend some time with Jim while he's working here.

The first part of the trip was a little rocky. Tralee woke up on Wednesday morning and wasn't acting like herself. She didn't eat much and just wanted to sleep. A little later she threw up. Yikes! Of course this would happen on the day we were supposed to fly. I immediately texted Jim and told him to pray for Tralee as I was not going to take a sick child on an airplane. I also called my mom and requested she do the same. Then I started her on an essential oil regiment and gave her some other medicine. By the time we were supposed to fly she seemed in fine spirits.

Once we were on the first flight Tralee began to look a little tired again. She tearfully asked to please sit by me, and the nice stewardess who seemed in tune with our needs asked the man next to me to please move so we could have the whole row to ourselves. Thank you! Tralee was able to sit by me, and soon fell asleep on my lap. About 20 minutes later she started to cough. The coughing lead to. . .puking! I had the barf bag and baby wipes on the ready, so all was contained, and I don't think anyone even noticed the ordeal. The same stewardess helped us, and was super nice about the whole thing. Tralee and Hunter both fell asleep the rest of our time in the sky and we made it to San Francisco in one piece!

The first day here Tralee had a fever and was nauseous. We stayed in our hotel room. Hunter got a little stir crazy, but was pretty good. Tralee slept most of this day, poor little dear. But, all the rest must have helped because by Friday morning there was no fever or pukage. Hooray!

I waited a bit to be sure, but after Tralee scarfed down a huge breakfast, then started dancing around the room I felt safe to leave our hotel.

On Friday afternoon we met up with my cousin Meagan and her three cute kids. We spent the day exploring Golden Gate Park. It was a lot of fun, and Tralee was awesome!

Friday night I found the Full House painted ladies by Alamo Square! I was super excited about this. I probably waisted several hours of my childhood watching the shenanigans that went on on that show. Although, was it really waisted time when I learned phrases like, have mercy, how rude, and Cut. It. Out. (accompanied by the appropriate hand gestures)? Good times.

Now that everyone seems to be back to normal, I think we're off to have more adventures!

Since I'm typing this on the ol' iPhone, I'm not sure where the photos will end up (top or bottom of the post, or in what order they'll be in). Oh well, I'm just gonna go with it. Enjoy!

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