Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hunter's Three Year Stats

We just got back from Hunter's three-year well check at the Dr.'s office.  I'm always surprised with the difference of my children.  I'm always prepped to hear how "off the charts" Tralee is when it comes to her height, so when Hunter's doctor told me where Hunty lines up I started to laugh.

Weight: 33 lbs in the 60th percentile (that sounded about right)

The height is the one that I laughed at.

Height: 37 inches in the 30th percentile!!!!!  

I called Jim after the appointment and told him the numbers.  He said, "Well, we're always telling Hunter to stay our little baby.  I guess he's listening!"  We never thought one of our children would be on the smaller side of the charts.  To be fair, the doctor said that Hunter is only an inch away from being in the 50th percentile.

The best news of the appointment was that Hunter is a happy, healthy, well adjusted three-year-old.  We'll take it!

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