Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sleep Talker

Hunter talks in his sleep.  It happens almost every night.  I notice it more when Jim is out-of-town because   Hunter keeps me company in the king-size bed.  Tralee sometimes joins the party, but mostly she sticks to her bed.  Anyways, some of the more recent middle-of-the-night ramblings are:

"I want a cookie.  No, actually, I want a brownie."  I'm willing to bet that was a very yummy dream.

"No, that's Hunter's!"  This was followed by a bunch of whining.  I'm assuming he was wrestling a fellow three-year-old for a favorite toy.  I can't be sure though.

Finally, last night I was awoken by a BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM!!!!!  I jumped up and started comforting Hunter, who I assumed would start crying.  Nope.  Instead he said with his eyes half open, "Whoa!  I just did that!"  Then he rolled over and snoozed the rest of the night away.

That's all I remember for the moment.  I told myself I need to start writing Hunty's midnight convos down, because I don't want to forget all the funny things my boy does.

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