Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hunter's Third Birthday

Jim was in town for Hunty's birthday, so we made a night of it! First we played at Pojo's as a family, then we went out for Japanese (sushi for the adults and noodles with veggies for the wee ones), lastly we came home to open presents and eat birthday cake. It was a fun evening celebrating Hunter's three years of life!

Playing at Pojo's

I don't get spending a lot of time and money on wrapping presents.  I know Martha Stewart would probably slap me in the face with a roll of pearl-finished gift wrap for my laissez faire attitude when it comes to wrapping presents.  Why spend a chunk of change on something that will just get ripped to shreds in two seconds flat?  I let my kids do most of the gift wrapping around here, and don't get too involved (hence my laissez faire attitude).  We tend to wrap things using recycled gift bags, newspaper, and dollar store gift wrap if we're feeling especially fancy.  This year I let Tralee wrap Hunter's gifts in newspaper (the end rolls you buy from the newspaper for $2 a pop), and she decorated them however she wanted.  If you look closely, most of the pictures Tralee drew are of Hunter, and every picture has a number three (backwards!) on it somewhere.  I LOVED it! 
Hunter really got into present opening this year.  He received a wooden train track with a few sets of trains and extra tracks, a remote controlled robot, a pop-gun, and a remote-control helicopter (although to be honest, the helicopter was probably more for Jim than for Hunter).  Hunty also got some cards with moola in them from some other family members.  He has yet to spend his birthday money, and some of it might just end up in his bank account!  Shhhh. . . he'll thank me when he's older!
Blowing out his candle.  This year's birthday cake was a bit controversial!  We've changed our eating habits a bit around here, and this cake was an experiment of sorts.  The good news is, Hunter, Tralee, and I all loved it.  In fact, both children asked for seconds.  Jim, on the other hand, thought it was gross.  I probably won't be making this cake again, but I'm glad most of us liked it -- most especially the birthday boy!  Phew!

I can't believe my baby is three! 

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Hunter is enchanting!