Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Rainbow Diamond

Everything about Tralee's first big dance recital was so fun!  She and I started the day looking on Pinterest for ways to do her hair.  She found two styles she liked, so we just combined the two.  Tralee was super excited about putting on make-up as well.  I usually let her play around with my lipstick and blush, but the mascara has always been off-limits, so the thought of giving her "long lashes" was almost too much excitement for her!  After getting ready we drove to dress rehearsal, came home, applied make-up, and then our whole family went to watch Tralee perform with her fellow Rainbow Diamonds (that's the name Tralee and the rest of the girls in her dance group came up with for themselves).  She, and all the Rainbow Diamonds, did amazing!  We were so proud!  Here are some pics before, during, and after the recital:

Tralee took dance with her first-cousin-once-removed . . . lets just say, cousin Brinley.  They were so cute together!

The cotton wood trees created quite a bit of "snow" that night.  After the recital, Tralee wanted to go catch snowflakes, so we let her.

Tralee flowers from Mommy, Daddy, and Hunter

Here's a video from that night.  I've included little snippets from each dance, and some pictures from the night.  Watch if you like:

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