Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hey Moms, do you ever feel like a boring mom? You know, so busy dealing with your own projects/errands that you feel like you owe your kids a day of fun? That was me the other day. I had been busy, the kids had been bored waiting for me to unbusy myself. So, on Thursday I promised them a picnic lunch and day at the zoo. We even invited Tralee's second cousin/friend Brinley along. Tralee was SUPER excited to have a friend come play. Plus, these girls are really cute together. So here are some pics/videos from our day at the zoo.

Picnic lunch
Video of kids and lion:

Hunter walking through the groundhog tunnels.
Feeding the goats/sheep:
Goats waiting for Hunter to feed them more.
Hunter the turtle.
Tralee the turtle.
Playing on a camel.
Playing on a slide
After the zoo I took the munchkins out for ice cream. I think they had a great day! Mission accomplished! Added bonus, I didn't hear Tralee say, "I'm bored" once this day!

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Michelle Burk said...

thanks for inviting Brin to the zoo! She loves being w/Tralee! And had a great time. Cute picts.