Sunday, May 15, 2011


Jim and I were bursting with pride today at church. Tralee was asked to give the Sixth Article of Faith in Primary last Sunday, and all week we've been practicing and preparing her for it. This was the first time Tralee was EVER asked to do anything in Primary (besides singing in Sacrament Meeting for Mother's Day last week -- which she NAILED by the way). When the moment of truth came today, Tralee marched right up to the microphone (she didn't even ask for us to stand by her), did a shy little head tilt, and clearly and PERFECTLY recited the Sixth Article of Faith. You could hear all the adults whisper about how awesome Tralee did. I don't think I've ever seen a little Sunbeam shine so bright!!

I got a video of her singing and saying the Sixth Article of Faith when we got home from church today. Enjoy:

We've been practicing so much that even Hunter can say most of the AOF #6. I want to get that on video too, but Hunter is currently having a little meltdown. Hopefully later.

Have a good one.


Michelle Burk said...

I'm SO impressed! Brinley was also asked to give an article of faith last Sunday, but oops! The parents totally forgot. So we did the whole whisper in the ear thing, that completely flopped, since she was so ill prepared. Way to show us up! We'll be better next time--for sure.

Boom said...

That was sensational! Tralee is awesome! I want to tell her in person. Call Grandma!

Love you!

Cammi said...

She does it so good!!! Way to go tralee!!!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

That's awesome! Way to go Leslie! (and Tralee too!)