Friday, May 13, 2011


Hunter turned two on Mother's Day this year. We chilled at home on Sunday, and then went out and celebrated our two-year-old's birth on Monday night when Jim came back into town. Where else do you go to celebrate two years of life? Chuck E. Cheese's, of course! Hunter is a little obsessed with "monies" right now. Any coin catches his eye, so a whole tub of tokens was right up his alley. Another obsession of our little guy's is pushing buttons. He LOVES to hit any button, key on the keyboard, or number on my phone. Chuck E Cheese's is chuck full of buttons for this little boy to hit. So, he had a blast. We steered clear of the creepy animatronics though, those things are weird. Tralee also enjoyed the festivities . . . until she decided that going to the ladies room was too much of a bother. Jim caught her accident just in time; before she made a mess out of anything besides her clothes. After this incident it was time to go. Luckily we had already used up our tokens and ate most of our food. We still had a coupon for 20 free tokens left over that I decided to give to the next person to walk through the door. The lady I handed it too seemed pleased. While Jim and Tralee waited in the car for us, Hunter and I redeemed our tickets for a ball. Hunter loves balls. Perfect! Here are some pics and vids from our adventures at Chuck E Cheese's:

Tralee wanted to do the Dance Dance Revolution game. She did GREAT, even if she missed just about EVERY arrow. Little cutie!

Here's another video of Tralee dancing with Chuck and the kids She has some sweet kick moves at the end:

After Chuck E. Cheese's we came home, Hunter blew out his birthday candles, ate cake, watermelon, and then opened his gifts.
It's a tradition in our family (as it was in Jim's) that every kid gets a chance to blow out the birthday candles. So, Tralee had her very own to blow out. Here's a video of them blowing their candles:

Hunter dug right into his cake.
I was proud of my babies. They actually wanted to eat watermelon more than the cake.
Here are some videos of Hunter opening some presents. Don't feel obligated to watch. They're mostly for a few Grandmas that live in the Midwest and can't get enough of their grandbabies. In the second video I ask Hunter how old he is. He answers, "fourteen." For some reason that's what he says every time we ask for his age. Silly boy!

I think this little guy had a great birthday!
Happy Second Birthday Hunter!
We love you!!

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Boom said...

Love it! Thanks for posting the video's and pictures! I love Hunter in the cute vest!

Love Mom